GT’s Oilfield Hauling

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GT’s Oilfield Hauling from Clairmont, Alberta, currently operates approximately 50 trucks and 20 cranes servicing the oil patch. Controller, Joanne Wilson, and Nancy Dreidger recently spoke to us about their Axon experience.

Tell us about your company.

Joanne: “We were established in 1998 with one hot-shot truck and then, in 2005, Greg [Greg Toews, GT’s President] expanded to a bigger oilfield truck and carried on from there, with smaller picker trucks right up to the 45-ton pickers.

“Now we are also in the crane business so we have anywhere from a 40-ton crane to a 165-ton crane. We do some very big hauls. 90% of our work is for the oil patch for companies like Encana, Talisman, Devon, and Conoco.”

When did you decide to get Axon Software to manage your operation?

Joanne: “I think it was 2008. We only had Simply Accounting before and, because we had gotten so big, we knew we needed something that would provide us with better information.

With Axon, we can job cost all of our equipment so we know how much revenue we generated and what the expenses are for the equipment. That was the big thing behind this. Before we had no idea really. Everything just went into general expense accounts. 

Tell us about the move from Simply Accounting to Axon’s system.

Joanne: “There are so many new things in Axon. Simply is exactly what it is. It’s Simply. We needed something more complex. I mean, you can print a statement from Simply and that’s it.

“With Axon, we can do whatever we want with the Balance Sheet and the Income Statements. It’s easy to add and change accounts.

“So it was a transition. There was so much more to learn than what there is in Simply.

“But it’s all been good, and the accountants are happy with it, and the managers and the owners are happy with it, so….”

There are a lot of features in the software. Are there any that you especially like?

Joanne: “The Reminders system is one thing. Right now we are not allowed to send an employee out to a Shell Oil location unless they’ve worked here at least six months. We now have an automatic reminder so that as soon as they put a guy’s name in for Shell the system tells us he can’t go because he’s only been here 3 months or whatever.

“One thing that is really good with Axon is the way we do our contractors. When you enter in an invoice or a job, it automatically goes to the sub-contractor.”

Nancy: “And all their expenses. It’s harder to miss charge-backs to the contractors.”

Joanne: “Our new girl, who is entering the payments into the Accounts Receivable, really likes how you apply the payments because we might get a six-page report from one of the oil companies paying invoices, so that works out pretty nice.”

Do you think you have been able to become more efficient and streamlined using the software?

Joanne: “We think so, definitely.”

Nancy: “Yes for sure.”

“With Axon, we can job cost all of our equipment so we know how much revenue we generated and what the expenses are for the equipment. That was the big thing behind this. Before we had no idea really. Everything just went into general expense accounts.”

 What are some the things that you have been able to do faster than you were able to do before?

Joanne: “Reports.”

Nancy: “Yes, pulling information I think would be the biggest thing, because you don’t have to pull tickets or anything to get the information you need.”

Joanne: “The other good thing about it is that we have our other branches on it too. We’re on a main server, and Leduc works on their own stuff. We’re having the crane shop doing their own stuff, as will Dawson Creek.”

Would you say the Axon system has helped employee morale?

Joanne: “Oh I think so. It’s really easy, for example, for two people to work on Accounts Payable and discuss it, and for somebody to help Nancy in Receivables, and so on. So yes, I think it’s helped employee morale.”

Nancy: “We sure get excited when we figure out something that makes our lives a little bit easier.”

Joanne: “Yeah.”

Your company has experienced a great deal of growth since moving to Axon.

Joanne: “Absolutely. I mean the revenue is phenomenal compared to 2008, but we’ve also increased our fleet of trucks from about 15 in 2008 to over 50 now.

“We probably had about 45-50 employees in 2008 and right now we have about 120 with drivers and crane operators. We started last year buying one crane, and I think we have 19 right now.”

Well, that’s tremendous growth.

Joanne: “It’s phenomenal growth. We’re very busy.”

If somebody were to call you today and say, ‘We’re looking for a system,’ what would you tell them about Axon?

Joanne: “Well, I would just tell them that we like it. We really like the way it does the owner operator statements and the financial statements. It’s really user friendly; there’s no end to what you can do; and I would also offer to have them come over and have a look at it.”

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