A Talk With Donna McQuaid, Liquids In Motion Ltd.

“We Doubled Our Number Of Drivers And Independents And Reduced Admin. Costs By $80,000 A Year ”

“I’m Donna McQuaid, Finance Manager with Liquids in Motion, based out of Leduc, Alberta. We haul bulk chemicals and hazardous goods across Canada and from the United States to Canada.”

Helpful Features
“We have a driver confirmation sheet that each of the drivers get with what the dispatchers are doing for that day. The owner operators or independents get an equipment statement that comes out every month, and it is so detailed that they’re able to take that directly to their accountant and get their year ends done. All without any problem whatsoever.

“[Along with the regular reports] I’ve created many custom reports that help me to extract information like hours of operation, how many trucks, and lists of drivers.

“The fact that the financial statements are set up and ready to go for you is great. It gives you a trial balance; it gives you a financial statement; and it gives you a 12-month financial statement that gives you a running total over periods of time. Those are important factors that are pluses with the system.”

Savings and Company Growth
“Since we’ve had Axon, we have doubled our number of drivers and independents and we’ve been able to reduce our administration staff by two, which is half. Because of Axon, we have been able to save approximately $80,000 a year by reducing our staff by two.”

Improvements to Customer Service
“We have so much paperwork from the United States with the BOLs, the customs papers, and all of those things. Because of the ability to attach all of these documents to our orders, we can pull up any order that a customer needs if they call with a question on anything. We can pull it right up and say, ‘Well, here’s the paperwork. We can send you a copy in minutes.’ They have all the paperwork themselves, but if something has gone wrong with their side of things, we’ve got the backup.”

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