Schroeder Freight Inc. – Winnipeg, MB

“I would say we save probably upwards of $250,000 a year by employing less people. We would need 3 or 4 more staff members for sure.”

Schroeder Freight has been an Axon client for around a decade now, but we still like to catch up with old friends from time to time. One thing we are always curious to hear is how things are going compared with where they would be if they had kept up with their old ways.

We recently met with Ernie Schroeder to hear about their Axon experience.

“I am Ernie Schroeder with Schroeder Freight, based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. I started this company 33 years ago. We are a dry van carrier with 70 pulling units and 120 trailers. I believe it’s probably close to ten years ago now that we started using Axon.”

Tell us about your experience with Axon.
“It has been excellent. It tied all our different things together that we were doing separately on different formats or forms. It is a very good, synergistic program: staffing information at your fingertips, decision-making from that information.

“It has helped with tracking a good flow right from when you book an order, to when it’s done, to year end. It is all tracked with the same number, so there’s good continuity there.

“It has helped us with our C-TPAT, with our fast clearance. We also use it for equipment maintenance tracking and so on, so it has been very useful.”

Has Axon changed the way you do fuel tax?
“It’s so quick now, because fuel entries are now automatic – they just flow through. Everything is done behind the scenes. There is really nothing for us to do except print out the statements. The time saving is incredible. I would say at the stage we’re at, it has freed up a couple of staff to do other things here.”

Has Axon changed the way you do your driver pay and o/o settlements?
“There is never a question at this point about settlements. It is always right in the system, and it’s not so easy to forget something. As long as you are sharp on entries, the system is always there for you.”

Has Axon changed the way you do invoicing?
“Instead of manually, which is what we were doing before – the speed is just incredible. Accuracy and volume – you can do volume invoicing instead of a daily routine.”

Has Axon improved productivity in the office?
“Yeah, productivity is up. We couldn’t handle this amount of trucks with the same people, that’s for sure.

“When we started with Axon, I believe we had around 30 trucks. We’re now running 60 company trucks and 10 owner operators, so 70 trucks. Per truck, the staffing is down from what it was before.

“If we’re using per capita and per truck numbers, then I would say we save probably upwards of $250,000 a year by employing less people. We would need 3 or 4 more staff members for sure.

“Everything is well-documented and we are on our way to a paperless system with it. We scan all our stuff in.

“As a matter of fact, a lot of the invoicing we do now is emailed to us on PDF and, instead of printing it out, we just drag it into Axon. We have the request from the customer on hand that way.”

Has Axon helped at all with your customer service?
“Axon is very helpful with customer service in the sense that all the information is available at the touch of the mouse. You can bring up any orders, because we scan all our stuff in, plus whatever the system generates.

“It’s all right there, so we never have disputes with customers about things.”

How would you describe your experience when you phone for support or service?
“The people are great. We don’t have to wait long for an answer if we have a question. We’ve found them to be just top shelf to work with.”

How would you describe the ease of use of the software?
“If you have not used any software before, you will find it incredibly easy. If you are used to different software though, sometimes it takes a little bit to get used to. But even there they see similarities that flow throughout the system.

“I particularly like the software because of the ease of use.”

If someone in the industry asked you about Axon and your experience, what would you say?
“Go for it. It’s a good system. It has served us well and it continues to improve. Every year there are new things coming online which we can use.”

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