T.M.T. Industries

“Our First Year with Axon, We Grew a Million Dollars from the Previous Year… I’m Sure a Large Part of It Had to Do with Axon.”


California’s TMT Industries is a West Coast success. Once upon a time they were missing invoices and had difficulty tracking their expenses, but they now run like a finely tuned machine.
In this interview, VP Tony Martinez describes the company’s move from Excel spreadsheets to Axon – full-fledged software designed for the trucking industry.

“My name is Tony Martinez. I am the Vice-President of TMT Industries Inc. located in Fontana, California. We are a trucking company that services the West Coast, currently running 51 trucks. We have vans, flat beds, curtain vans, and step decks. We have been using Axon from January 2008 until now.”

How has your experience been with using Axon?

“We were using Excel spreadsheets and QuickBooks before, so Axon has been good. It has benefited us by helping us maintain our employee files, track our loads, our billing, receivables. It has been a good thing for us. It is a lot easier for our staff to track things with Axon.”

Has Axon helped you with the way driver settlements are done?

“It’s all integrated so it has been simple. You just print out the statement and you can pay your drivers. It is pretty much all done for you already.

When our drivers travel empty miles, we can add them in there, along with some other things. For the most part their loads are already on the statement, so you just decide the beginning and end dates and it prints right out.

“It is a lot quicker with a lot less cutting and pasting. It used to take us all day long and now it’s pretty much just printing a report, printing a settlement, and giving it to the driver along with their check.”

If you were to increase your fleet, would you have to add more office staff?

“I don’t think we would have to. We would be capable of doing it with the staff that we have.”

From a return on investment perspective, has Axon saved you any money?

“I know that we just went through an IRP audit the other day and we came back satisfactory. We didn’t have any fines or penalties, so I know we saved some money there. We could just print fuel tax reports out of Axon and they were accurate. All the information in there was good and it was sufficient for the IRP people. They could match our mileage with the fuel consumption and match it with our bills of lading. That could have been a big fine.

We are keeping track of the orders and loads that we do on a daily basis. We are making sure that we run a monthly report to see that each order is getting invoiced and paid. In an Excel spreadsheet, you are only hoping that happens. In Axon, you can run reports and make sure that it gets done. That’s huge. It adds to the bottom line.”

With the spreadsheet methods you were using before, were invoices being missed?

“Definitely invoices were missed, invoices that weren’t getting paid that we didn’t know about. If drivers didn’t turn in their bills of lading, we pretty much didn’t know that we had to bill them. There was no report we could run.

Now, if we run a report we can see that a driver didn’t turn in paperwork, track the driver, and find out where it’s at. If he lost it, we can always go to the customer and get it. We constantly run the report to make sure our loads are getting invoiced.

Prior to getting Axon, we were doing an annual revenue of about $8.5 million, and the year after we got Axon it was $9.5 million. That is a big amount of money, and I’m sure a large part of it had to do with Axon.”

Has Axon helped you with customer relations?

“The reporting is nice and there are a lot of reports you can run. Customers want to know how much revenue we have done with them – we can run a report and find that easily.

If a customer calls and they want to see a POD, we can easily email it over to them. We can even input all of our customers’ customers into our system, so if they say, “We have a load going from here to Stockton and you already know the customer there in Stockton,” we have the contact information. We are not writing it down every single time they give an order, so that saves a lot of time for our dispatchers.

It also saves a lot of time for our drivers when a dispatcher prints out a load confirmation instead of either one of them writing it down.”

Has downloading fuel bills electronically saved you some time?

“Yes. That is a really good thing that Axon has. It’s quick, it’s easy, and as a matter of fact I was going through the fuel bills just before you guys got here. I can see where the drivers are fueling and how much.

Fueling is our biggest expense, so if I see them fueling somewhere that we don’t want, I can send them a text message.”
Is the software easy to use?

It’s very user-friendly. It’s easy to go in and out of the system. I know the training they gave us when we purchased the program helped a lot.

If there are ever any questions, we can always contact Axon. They can hook up right away and walk through it. If nobody is available, then they always call back. It is a very quick response during business hours.”

If someone in your industry asked about your experience, what would you say?

“I would tell them that Axon is a good program. It has helped us grow. I like the way that you can keep track of the drivers, the routes, the loads, your equipment information, your driver information, parts, maintenance – it’s all there. Axon does a lot of things; it’s a trucker-friendly software.”