VIP Transport Ltd

Software That Promotes Teamwork

VIP Transport Ltd. of Kamloops, British Columbia, operates a 40-truck flat-deck trucking company, hauling across Canada and the US. In this interview, VIP manager Rick Dunbar speaks out about Axon.

Tell us about VIP Transport

VIP Transport Ltd. Kamloops BC - Logo“VIP Transport has been in business since about 1997. We started off as a specialty hauler for the mining industry, and then we expanded into a complete flat-deck operation, all across Canada and the US. We have step-decks, highboys, low-beds, that kind of thing.”

Tell us about your experience dealing with Axon

“The experience has been excellent. The response from your end is great. The support is there when you need it. If you don’t understand something or there’s a glitch, they get on it right away. That’s the thing that’s really, really good about [dealing with Axon]. Especially in our industry, because we don’t have time to sit there and play with it – let’s get it fixed, you know?”

What kind of problems have you solved by using Axon Trucking Company Software?

“We were using Simply Accounting before which was just so far out of line for us it was ridiculous, and when we got into the Axon system, I could see that there were going to be some big savings, time-wise, by having everything in one program to begin with. You can move back and forth in the system very easily and get the information. And you can set the driver settlements to what you want the driver to see, that sort of stuff.

Another thing that we like about the whole thing is that it’s integrated with PC*Miler.

The accounting end of things is very, very good. It’s all clear, like when you put something into the system, and you’re charging it to a truck, it shows up on the driver statement the way it’s supposed to. The progress, from what we were doing to what we do now, has increased two-fold; it’s really, really good that way.

I also added the work order system and that has helped us immensely in our shop, and then of course, when you guys do the updates, it’s helped us.”

How has Axon affected the morale in the office – the working environment?

“Way better, because everything is there, you know? The billing people, dispatchers, the accounting people, they all have access to find out what they need without saying, ‘Hey do you remember when we did this?”, or “How did we do that?” That sort of thing. We’re not having to do that anymore because it’s there at our fingertips, and that’s the name of the game.”

Has Axon’s trucking company software helped you maintain or improve your customer relations?

“Yes, because when a customer used to phone us to say there’s a problem with a bill or something, you would put them on hold and run around trying to find the bill. Well now, you can just go to your computer screen, pull it up, and it’s there. And the person that’s handling that call knows what they’re looking for. They can pull it up right away and say, “Oh yeah, you’re right, that should have been this or should have been that.” So yes, it’s great that way.

And again, it’s time saving, because you don’t have to go root through a whole bunch of files to find a bill or anything; you can actually pull it up right in front of you. You couldn’t do that in Simply; it was too hard.”

How would you compare Axon’s customer support to what you’ve received from other vendors?

“Well, again, it’s very, very hard to compare it because there was no way that we ever dealt with Simply Accounting. It was just like talking to a wall. You had to phone somebody; they’d phone you back; and blah, blah, blah.

With Axon, if there’s somebody that doesn’t understand something, I just say “Pick up that phone and talk to [our customer service rep]. She’ll explain it to you.” And, if she can’t help us, she finds somebody who can. So it’s been very good that way; we’re very happy with that.”

How did you find the customer training?

“Excellent. Basically, our trainer worked with our people in Edmonton; he worked with our people in Prince George; and then he worked with our people here. He would explain the whole system to you and take you through the whole process. Which is way better than just saying this is how you do it, you know. He did it so that you understood each leg and explained why you did it. And that was really, really helpful for our staff because they realized that this is the way they had to do it for it to work properly.”

If one of your peers in the industry asked you about Axon, how would you describe your experience?

“Excellent. And then, I would say that, if you’re a trucking company, that’s the software to have, in my opinion. I’m not shy to say that I’m very, very pleased with it. It’s the system to have in order to progress through to what you want to do.”