Security and Confidentiality – Software Permissions

Axon is a fully integrated trucking and accounting software system. As a result, there are many people who use it – from dispatchers to payroll clerks. However, not every employee needs or should have access to every part of the system.

Security Permissions ScreenAccess – Axon helps you to establish user groups. Each user group is given permission to use and access information in specific parts of the system. It is up to you to decide who needs access to the various software modules. For example, dispatchers will need access to trucking and fuel tax information, but they will not necessarily need access to accounts payable or payroll.

System-wide security – Users who do not have software permissions for certain sections will not be granted access to that information throughout the system. For example, users who do not have permission to access the Trucking/Orders Billing Information will not be able to view order billing information on the Orders screen, the Order Confirmation Report or the Bill of Lading.

Axon’s software is designed to meet your needs. It is fully integrated to save you time, but it is also flexible allowing you to determine which employees have access to each part of the system.

Limiting Access to Journal Entries

Axon provides you with two different screens for viewing or creating journal entries.

Journal Entries

This screen provides access to ALL the journal entries created by ALL the Users on the system.

Add Journal Entries

This screen is more restricted. Users can create and view only their own journal entries. They are NOT able to view or edit journal entries created by other Users.


As the system administrator, you can give your staff software permissions to use the Add Journal Entries screen but not the Journal Entries or Journal Report screens.

In this way, they will be able to enter their own information, but they will not be able to view confidential journal entries.