Streamline Your Orders and Tickets – Tips For Axon Users

If you're looking for oil field ticket software, dump truck ticket software, or a trucking ticket management software, you are looking to gain back the time it takes to enter detailed information about every one of the orders that you receive. Here are some handy tools that can help you streamline your data entry process.

Ticket Entry ScreenshotOrder/Ticket Templates
If you frequently create Orders or Tickets with the same information, you’ll save time by setting up a template.

You can set up as many different templates as you want.

When you’re setting up a new Order or Ticket, just choose the appropriate template and the standard fields that you set up on the template will fill in automatically. You can then go ahead and make changes and additions.

Copy Orders/Tickets
If the Ticket or Order that you are about to enter is very similar to the one you’ve already entered, choose the Copy Order or Copy Ticket button.

You can either enter a new Start Date or you can choose to increment the current Start/End Dates by a specific number of days. If you choose the Skip Weekends checkbox, the system will keep incrementing by one day until it is off the weekend.

Weekly Orders
The Weekly Orders option is useful if you have shipments that recur on a weekly basis. Each master Weekly Order represents a week’s worth of Orders (e.g. if you deliver construction supplies on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a particular customer).

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