Making change can be risky, stressful, and difficult, there’s no doubt about it. New technologies cost money, and so does coaching or consultation. Your staff has to be trained in a new way of doing things, and there is a very good chance that some will resist, preferring to stick with what they know.

New technologies cost money, and so does coaching or consultation. Your staff has to be trained in a new way of doing things, and there is a very good chance that some will resist, preferring to stick with what they know.

  • Maybe things are disorganized, with people working out of several different individual programs.
  • Maybe the communication between departments is sloppy, or slow.
  • Maybe driver pay is sucking up a lot of your time – and you have to be careful, because they don’t like mistakes.
  • Maybe your billing process is slower than you’d like, and your receivables are taking longer and longer to come in.
  • Maybe there is paper lying around everywhere, and your filing system is too jumbled to find things quickly.
  • Maybe you are missing out on valuable contracts, because when customers want answers, they want them now.

The thing is, if you ignore problems like this, they won’t go away by themselves. They tend to grow and get worse, until they become incredibly annoying, and harmful to your business. Eventually you’ll find all your time is spent plugging up all the holes and leaks, instead of steering the ship.

Change is hard, but staying the same will eventually be a death sentence for your business.

THE CADILLAC OF TRUCKING SOFTWARE PROGRAMS “This program is the Cadillac of all programs in the trucking industry…The reports help me determine if I’m selling the truck or not. Maybe it does just as well on fuel as the rest, it’s paid for, and it’s a money maker… Maintenance is huge.” Read Full Review
Pat Tetrault
One Call Logistics Inc.
Blumenort, MB R0A 0C0, Canada

When personal computers were released, it changed the game for offices everywhere. Suddenly, employees were much more more productive, with access to word processing programs, powerful calculators, databases, email, and more. Nowadays, it would be impossible to compete without one.

  1. Beat the competition, before they beat you. This industry is an arms race, as everyone competes to be the fastest, most reliable hauling company, with the best safety records and the best customer service. How will you excel at everything while keeping costs low?
  2. Find investments that compliment and build upon what you already have. It makes sense to buy the top-notch blender when you have a big bag of lemons, a stand, and a premium front yard.

    You already have trucks, so figure out how to make them run more efficiently. You already have intelligent, hardworking staff, so give them what they need to succeed.


The personal computer made people exponentially more productive, and you can find similar opportunities today if you know where to look.

We’ve been perfecting Axon Software for over 36 years – a system designed specifically for the trucking industry. We wanted everyone, in all departments, to work together in a single program that automatically updates in real-time – always showing the most current information.

  • Increase the value of your trucks by finding better routes, lanes, and maintenance schedules.
  • Improve your customer service with better recordkeeping for info and file attachments.
  • Turn your staff into superheroes, who can do twice the amount of work in the same amount of time.
  • Get paid faster, when your invoices go out more quickly and you have extra time to spend collecting on older invoices.
  • Make better decisions, with real-time reports and info on your company’s financial situation.

Owners and managers who want to see daily, or even hourly updates on the status of their business, will be amazed. With a variety of powerful reports and a custom report builder, you can see all the information you need. If it’s being recorded in the system, then it’s being tracked, and it can be analyzed.

Fix the issues of today, build on what you have, and set your company up for the future.

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