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Oilfield & Dump Truck Ticket Software

Ken, Xtreme Oilfield TechnologyWe use the ticket system very heavily. We’ll do 600 to 700 tickets in a day, so we have a lot of data entry, and it automatically flows to the equipment statements. - Ken Siewiertoka - Xtreme Oilfield Technology Ltd.

Stop entering tickets more than once!

With the Axon ticket system, you can enter tickets in a centralized location and have the information flow to all of your management software applications automatically.

Information from the tickets will be included on Equipment Statements and Driver Settlements, Pending Payable and Receivable Reports, Equipment Revenue and Owner Operator Liability Reports and Payroll Transactions.

Axon leads the industry in the design of ticket management systems for oil field haulers and service companies. Axon's ticket software for trucking is real-time and completely integrated, which makes it possible for far more companies to streamline their operations and increase profits.

If you are looking for dump truck software, oilfield software, or aggregate haulers software, you are looking to manage the flow of information that requires vastly different software than most other trucking companies.

One problem many of them deal with is the management of 'tickets' - transaction documents that are used to record times, volume and type of product or service, and pick up and/or drop-off information. What sets these 'tickets' apart from other types of trucking bills is the sheer volume of transactions. Companies needing to input tickets often deal with hundreds or even thousands of transactions daily.

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...In one month I think we found about $4,000 worth (of tickets) that we’d missed, and that’s just from having field tickets sent down to be signed. After erasing the chalkboard, you don’t remember that the job’s there or that the ticket’s gone out because you don’t have a good tracking system. Now that job stays in the dispatching system and, if we don’t get the ticket back, it’ll show us that.  Marinda Dye - Eagle Trucking & Crane

Axon helps you sort your tickets quickly and efficiently.

With Your Ticket Software for Oilfield Trucking You can:

  • Simplify payroll by automatically tracking driver or owner operator pay
  • Generate invoices grouping tickets with the same customer, land location and type of work
  • Individualize your screen to include specific locations and tracking codes for each of your customers
  • Set up standard job descriptions and auxiliary charges to fill in by default
  • Calculate charges automatically
  • Access standard Axon features: a complete listing of business partner information, freight rates, driver pay and equipment
  • Review ticket history reports compiled using a variety of report options

Managing this volume of work efficiently requires special data input software that makes it easier to enter the tickets and that completely interfaces with the company's other management systems, including driver pay, equipment management, invoicing and accounting.

Axon ticket software for trucking accomplishes all this and more. And it does it in real time! As soon as a ticket is entered, it automatically and instantly updates every management application in your system that needs to use that information.

This saves massive amounts of time and drastically reduces errors, slashing administration costs and increasing profitability and cash flow. In an industry that loses millions of dollars every year to billing mistakes and delays, Axon can be a saviour.

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