Axon Truck Link App for iOS (iPad and iPhone)

Download On the App StoreAxon’s Truck Link App for iOS devices makes it easy for you to pass trucking transactions and messages back and forth between you and your drivers, any time, anywhere. It’s available for iPad, iPhone and Android, so if your drivers are using any one of these mobile devices, you can connect with them quickly and easily.

With Axon Truck Link App for iOS, you can:

  • Signature Capture;
  • Mapping and Directions;
  • Location Tracking;
  • Photo & Signature Attachments;
  • Print Order & Ticket Confirmations great for carriers looking for a ticket management app;
  • Send Order/Ticket information to your Drivers on the road;
  • Receive updated transaction information and messages from your Drivers;
  • Send free-form messages to your Drivers;
  • Maintain an up-to-date record of messages you have sent and received.

Axon Mobile App for iOS is completely integrated with Axon’s online dispatching and accounting software, ensuring up-to-date records at your fingertips at all times.

iPhone/iPod Screenshots:

iPad Screenshots:

Note: Only trucking companies using Axon’s Enterprise Trucking Software will be able to use the Axon Truck Link App.

* Axon Trucking Link will run on: