Truck Repair Shop Software

Axon’s Work Orders add-on module is particularly helpful if you have a truck maintenance shop and do maintenance and repairs on your own equipment and/or your customers’.

Truck Maintenance Work Orders

The Fleet Maintenance Software makes it easy to:

  • Prepare work orders showing all the relevant charges for Parts, Labor and Sublet
  • Add the appropriate taxes
  • Apply the markup percentage you have set up on a company-wide basis or for individual Business Partners
  • Debit Equipment Statements
  • Create an Accounts Receivable Invoice for customers
  • Record physical counts of your stock
  • Update Inventory to record the parts used
  • Track inventory transactions
  • List items that need reordering or are overstocked
  • Record returned parts

The fleet maintenance software has the flexibility to prepare work orders for customers, owner operators or for company-owned equipment. A description of the work performed will print on the work order along with the customer’s address and the relevant equipment information.

“We run a shop for our trucks, and right from here I can see all the work orders, inventory control, all those sorts of things. So can my accounting staff. To me that’s a huge benefit to working with Axon.” Ken Siewiertoka, Xtreme Oilfield Services  Click For Video

Heavy Duty Truck Parts Inventory Software

As you enter a work order, you really need to know if all the parts are available. Do you have some in stock? Will they need to be shipped from another location? Will you need to use an alternate part?
With truck parts inventory software, you just push a button and you have your answer.

The Parts Availability button on the Work Orders Parts tab summarizes the availability, as of the current date, of the highlighted parts. It lists the quantity on hand as well as the quantity that you expect to use or receive in the next short while. If you store inventory at several separate facilities, you’ll receive a breakdown of the parts available at each location. Everything is easier with our truck repair shop software.

Taking Stock

The Inventory screen on your truck shop management software is a convenient way to enter, update, and review your inventory items. It’s an integral part of the Work Orders and Purchase Orders systems so the Quantity on Hand and Value are updated automatically from adjustments, purchases, and sales transactions.

  • Monitor inventory in multiple locations, for example, if you have shops in two different cities.
  • Track inventory costs using FIFO or actual cost for serialized items.
  • Receive an automatic reminder that a part may be under warranty when using it on a work order.
  • Run an Inventory Reorder/Overstocked Report to alert you to low or high quantities.
  • Use the Reorder Quantity field as a reminder of the quantity needed to take advantage of bulk purchasing.
  • Attach a digital photograph or a scanned document to your inventory records.
  • Inventory is automatically updated to record parts used on a work order.
  • The Parts Availability button on the Work Orders screen summarizes the availability of the highlighted parts.
  • Quantity on Hand and Value are updated when you receive parts on a purchase order.
  • The Custom tab equips you to record additional reference information that does not fit into the existing fields (e.g. Row #, Bin Location)