Increased Trucking Company Safety and Control

To effectively manage your trucking company and to ensure the safety of your employees, your customers and your equipment, you need to be able to track a great deal of information. You are responsible for equipment maintenance, driver qualifications, legislative requirements, and safe delivery of everything from food to priceless art to dangerous chemicals. Axon’s automated warning system and detailed information tracking system makes trucking company safety much easier to control.

Axon has a lot more features that the dispatchers are able to have access to. For instance, when you’re putting in a load for a customer, if they’re $10,000 over their credit limit or they haven’t been paying in six to eight months, the dispatcher sees that before they book that load, and says, “Hey, we really can’t do any more business with you because you haven’t paid your bill in six months.” – Corina Roth, Tempo Transport Inc.

Automated Warning System

Credit Limit WarningIt can be challenging to keep track of all the deadlines for everything from driver’s license renewals and first aid certification, to oil changes, tire rotation, and brake checks.

With Axon software, you can set up automatic reminders and warnings for all your equipment, drivers, and carriers. You will then receive advance and overdue email warnings as well as pop-up reminders when you assign equipment, drivers, or carriers.

You can also enter pop-up messages to record incidental information. For example, you can inform the dispatchers that the tailgate is broken on a piece of equipment or that an employee cannot do any heavy lifting for the next two weeks.

Driver Qualifications

Some customers expect drivers to have certain qualifications before they come on site (e.g. site orientation). You can keep track of your customers’ requirements and your drivers’ qualifications within the Axon system. Then you’ll receive a warning message if the driver you are trying to assign to a particular Order does not meet the requirements.

Dixie - Panda Tank and VacIf there is a problem with an employee’s safety ticket being expired or something that’s coming due on a piece of equipment, that information can be viewed by anyone who needs it, right from the shop foreman, to the dispatcher, to the payroll person. – Dixie Husereau, Panda Tank and Vac Truck Services

Product safety

If you are transporting food products or dangerous goods, you will need to maintain an accurate record of every step in the transportation process. Axon simplifies this time-consuming task by providing you with customizable reports that can track every detail.

Keeping Everyone Informed

Axon’s real-time, integrated system ensures that everyone who needs information has quick and ready access to it. All your employees are in the loop, ensuring greater safety and more effective decision-making. Pop-up messages on the dispatch screen will notify your dispatchers if you have set a credit limit for a particular customer, if a carrier’s insurance has expired, or if a driver needs to renew their license.

The Software Advantage

Computers are capable of storing and tracking large quantities of information. And they have one big advantage over humans – they don’t forget. Axon’s software will save you time and money and keep you safe.

Being in the agricultural industry, another big issue for us was that we are safe-feed certified. We must be able to track the product that has been in every trailer, at any time…..  Now I’ve got reports to give us the history for a particular trailer, for all trailers, for a trailer attached to a particular driver, on any given date – the criteria’s endless… We use this for our customers almost daily. – Jackie Mason, D & D Trucking and Services, Inc