Axon Trucking Link App for Mobile Devices

 Taking Axon on the Road – Fleet Tracking

Fleet Tracking App

Are you looking for a fast, easy way to send updated order and field ticket confirmations to your drivers when they’re on the road? What about signature capture, attachments, truck tracking, mapping, and printing straight from the field?

You will always have a convenient way to pass information back and forth with the Axon Trucking Link app for iPhone, iPad and Android, if your drivers are using any one of these mobile devices, you can connect with them quickly and easily. The app is completely integrated with Axon’s trucking applications, so you enter information once and it’s available throughout your trucking and accounting system.

1. Field Transactions
With Axon Link, you can send both order confirmations and free-form messages. Drivers can send back revised information, new tickets, and proof of delivery. You’ll be able to invoice the order before the driver is back in the office.

2. Mapping and Directions

Include Latitude and Longitude in your message, and your driver will be able to click on a location to view a map or get directions from their current location.

3. Truck Fleet Tracking

If the mobile device is set up for a piece of equipment, the app can regularly send the GPS location back to the Axon software. As long as the device is ipad map screenshotonline, you’ll know where it is at all times and can keep your customers informed. You may also be able to use this feature to import jurisdiction miles for fuel tax purposes.

 4. Attachments

You can now attach documents or photographs to Link messages you send to the app, and your drivers will be able to attach photographs or signatures and send them back. The information will be captured in your system, and you’ll have immediate proof of delivery.

5. Printing

Using Axon Link, drivers can print a copy of the order/ticket confirmation and leave it with the customer.

* Screenshots are from the iPad version.

Note: Only trucking companies using Axon’s Enterprise Trucking Software will be able to use Axon Trucking Link. To get more information about a Demo or to add Axon Trucking Link to your Axon Software system please call us at 1-800-567-8385.

Axon Trucking Link will run on: