Trucking Payroll Forms Made Easy

Don’t you hate paperwork! The government has so many forms to fill out — and they can be testy when you forget or do it wrong. Well, Axon can help. Axon’s Payroll Software for Trucking application does more than just compile information about employees’ wages and benefits, record trucking payroll transactions and run payroll checks – you can also prepare and print your government reports.

Ready to go

Print your annual employee statements of wages and taxes (T4 and T4A forms in Canada, W2 and W3 forms in the United States) straight from the Axon Trucking Software. Axon’s software will compile and sort all the necessary information and print it directly onto the pre-printed government forms.

US customers can also print their quarterly 941 report of income tax and FICA withholdings directly from the Trucking Payroll Software application.

Putting it all together

Canadian customers must remit a monthly federal remittance report listing income tax deductions, Canada Pension Plan contributions and Employment Insurance premiums as well as gross monthly payroll and the number of employees paid in the last pay period. Axon provides them with an easy reporting tool to collect all the necessary information.

Similar reports are available in the US version allowing customers to quickly compile all the necessary information for FUTA and SUTA as well as 940 Reports.

CDI LogoThe system is awesome… it saves me so much time compared to the way we did things before, especially in payroll. It used to be a 2 or 3 day project to get payroll done every month. Payroll takes me 20 minutes a week to do now! – Carolyn Robertson, CDI International

Save time!

Axon software is a great timesaver as the system will automatically compile the necessary information from the trucking payroll records. No more searching through the files or the pay check stubs. No more calculations. It’s all done for you automatically.