Trucking Payroll Software

Axon’s Trucking Payroll Software has all the features of the best conventional payroll software, plus a variety of trucking-specific capabilities designed to make managing driver and employee pay easier than any other system available today.

New Hope Jake PetersWe have over one hundred and thirty people that work for us… When we switched to the new Axon program, I shaved two days off my payroll. - New Hope Transport Ltd. – Jake Peters  Click For Video

Payroll is a perfect example of why seamlessly combining your company’s operations and accounting through Axon Software is so amazing.

But how is this possible?

Features of Axon Payroll Software For Trucking Companies

Axon's payroll software for trucking works by automatically taking important information from some areas of your business and applying it to others. Payroll takes what it knows about how you pay your employees (from their records), checks what work they have done this period, and does some background math based on what is appropriate for your state or province (We track and update this for you). When payroll time rolls around, you’ll be done in just a handful of clicks – with added confidence in its accuracy.

Trucking Company Payroll System

Axon’s payroll software for trucking companies does more than just compile information and record transactions though – It can also prepare all of the related paperwork for you. Everything from simple employee checks and statements, to complex government forms, to a wide variety of reports for your own information.

If you hire owner-operators, we have an equally simple way to pay them as well. You can read more about that in trucking – Truck Driver Pay and Owner Operator Settlements.

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