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INCREASED OUR EFFICIENCY WITH ENHANCED COMMUNICATION “Axon lets us provide instant updates for customers which, as we all know, is very important…Instant information, instant access, and prompt responses.” Read Full Review
Luc Dubé
General Manager
Horizon International Distributors
Winnipeg, MB R2J 0K6, Canada

AXON SOFTWARE HELPED US CONTROL OUR GROWTH FROM ZERO TO 100 TRUCKS “When we started using Axon, we did not have any kind of a program whatsoever, so it was immediately a big help to us. By October, we were generating almost $500,000 a month in gross receipts without a trucking program… But Axon had everything we needed to get the company organized and thank goodness” Read Full Review
Billy White
Founder & General Manager
Hourglass Transport LLC
Coleman, OK 73432, USA

TRIPLED OUR FLEET & SAVED $200,000 A YEAR “We haven’t had to increase our staff to handle the increase in fleet from 50 to 150. That has saved us probably $200,000 a year.” Read Full Review
Jason Sutton
General Manager
Hughes Oilfield Transportation
Odessa, Texas 79764, USA

AXON SOFTWARE HAS STREAMLINED & SPED UP OUR PROCESSES “We do all the billing here, and now we have less billing errors because our agents input all their information. It is more correct because they are the ones that actually dispatched. They know what the rate was at the time so it’s correct, and it has substantially cut down on billing errors.” Read Full Review
John McCallister
J P Graham Transport
Rochester, PA 15074, USA

AXON SOFTWARE HAS SAVED US OVER $100,000 PER YEAR “Axon is the best software we have ever used. It’s provided us with an information system that we believe is second to none… Axon Software provides us with the ability to provide documents very quickly to customers. That, in addition to the web interface for customers who wish to use it, makes the software very comprehensive.” Read Full Review
Lindsay Keene
President & CEO
J.B.M. Logistics
Saskatoon, SK S7K 6X5, Canada

AXON SOFTWARE PAID FOR ITSELF WITHIN THE FIRST YEAR “Anything you can imagine you would need in your business; Axon can provide for you… It paid for itself within the first year.” Read Full Review
Judy Hearn
JHJ Hearn Trucking LLC
Weatherford, TX 76087, USA

THE ROI IS PROBABLY A HUNDREDFOLD “The return on investment is, gosh for me, it’s almost incalculable because I can’t think of anything else that we spend so little on and get so much. It’s the way we do business now.” Read Full Review
Andy Fletcher
IT Specialist Supervisor
John Bunning Transfer Co.
Rock Springs, WY 82901, USA

OUR GAIN, AT LEAST 2X WHAT WE PAID OUT “It has been invaluable in so many areas in our business, dispatch, the heartbeat of the business. Things are color coded and organized in a way that works and it’s just phenomenal.” Read Full Review
Lisa Fitzsimmons
Controller & Co-Owner
JR Kays Trucking
Clarendon, PA 16313, USA

A SMALL INVESTMENT, TO MANAGE A LARGER ONE OF A FEW MILLION DOLLARS “You get a few million dollars’ worth of equipment … If you can’t get information at the right speed, then you are always behind the eight ball. It’s a small investment, to manage a larger one…” Read Full Review
Jim Clunie
Kelsey Trail Trucking Ltd.
Saskatoon, SK S7K 8H4, Canada
book-iconFree Book - How We Doubled The Size Of Our Business