Axon Integrated Trucking Management Software


Quickly access the status of orders, trucks, trailers and drivers with an easy to follow display of color-coded timelines, detail balloons and quick lists that instantly provide your dispatcher with the information they need to do their job in an extremely efficient manner. Information from order processing, dispatch, driver pay and financial reporting flows from dispatch to accounting in a true one-entry experience.


Axon completely integrates all of your trucking company management and accounting applications, saving you hundreds, or even thousands of hours of wasted, repetitive entry. And your transactions are performed in “Real-Time” – meaning that every time a new entry is made (a customer’s load is invoiced, or a check is written, or a fuel bill is processed) – have your bookkeeping software for your trucking company updated immediately.

“We wanted a system that could grow with our business so that, theoretically, if we doubled, tripled, or quadrupled the size of our business over the next five to ten years, the system would still be applicable and still be workable for us. We’ve made the switch over to Axon and this will be the last switch that we have to do.”
 John Giesecke, President, Cliffside Transportation Services Click For Video

Executive Briefing

The Executive Briefing provides a summary of your company’s financial situation to help you pinpoint problem areas or unexpected results. Once you have this information, you can dig deeper to obtain more detailed information using Axon reports – the Income Statement, the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Reports, or the Order Master Report.

IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting

Axon’s IFTA software is fully integrated with dispatch and accounting. IFTA rates are automatically updated for each jurisdiction on a quarterly basis. Integrate data from Fuel Card Downloads, PC*Miler and/or Satellite Tracking records and see how easy IFTA Reporting can be.

Regal Transportation“For IFTA purposes it’s easy. All we do is generate the form from Axon. And because we have the ability to single out an individual piece of equipment, we’re able to give our independent contractors their own separate IFTA tax report, and we refund them or charge them just as we do the government with our company-wide reports.”
Carol Uglow, Regal Services Company


Axon’s Trucking Payroll Software has all the features of the best conventional payroll software, plus a variety of trucking-specific capabilities designed to make managing driver and employee pay easier than any other system available today.

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Driver Pay & Owner Operator Settlements

Axon provides you with three different ways to pay your truck drivers, depending on their position with the company.


Axon’s software can be fully integrated with the US Customs and Border Protection’s ACE Manifest system as well as the Canadian Advance Commercial Information Program (ACI) for trucks crossing the US/Canada border.

Web Access

No more anxious phone calls from your customers, now you and your customers can track orders on the web and your customers can submit their order tenders and preview or print their invoices directly from your Axon Web Access interface all interlinked with your truck invoice software.

Satellite Tracking

Axon’s satellite tracking supports over eight different satellite providers, including Omnitracs (Qualcomm), Shaw Tracking, Link Trak, Geologic, Teletrac, and PeopleNet.

So Much More…

These are just a few of the many features provided with Axon Trucking Software the best way to see what Axon can do for you and your company is to Get A Demo!


Terry SIMX“At that time, I would say at a maximum we were at about 90 trucks. We are at 150 now, so we’ve more than 50% increased our business with Axon, and through Axon, since that time.”
Terry Oetjen, Operations Manager, Southern Illinois Motor Express Click For Video 

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