Tracking Orders With Axon Web Access

No more anxious phone calls from customers – “Where is my order? When will it arrive?”

  • You and your customers can now track Orders on the web.
  • You provide your customer with a Login ID. Customers can then go online and view a screen listing all their Orders and the Order Status.
  • Your company’s administrator will receive a password so that they can view all your company’s Orders for Business Partners with a Login ID.

The web-based Order Status feature is maintained by Axon so it’s easy to install and use.

Axon Client Web Access

Customers Can Submit Order Tenders Online

Many of Axon’s clients take advantage of Order Tenders to receive potential Orders. Web Access is a convenient way for you and your customers to send and review Order Tenders.

Web Access

Web Access is designed to give your customers easy access to information about their shipments at every step in the process. Once you have provided them with their Login Id, they can go online to:

  • Submit Requests for Quotes;
  • Create and submit Order Tenders;
  • Review the status of their Orders; and
  • Preview or print copies of their Invoices.

Convenient Interface

Order Tenders or Requests for Quotes from Web Access are loaded on your Axon program for you to accept or decline. If the Tender (or Request) is accepted, Axon automatically generates an Order that is ready for dispatching. Once the shipment is delivered, the customer will be able to review and print a copy of the Invoice.

Email notifications help you and your customer to track status changes.

It couldn’t be simpler. Both you and your customer will be able to follow the progress of their shipment – from Quote to Order Tender to Order to Invoice.

Additional Web Access Features

Customize your Order Tenders

  • Choose the fields you want included on your Order Tenders.
  • Choose which fields should be mandatory so that your customers cannot create an Order Tender if these fields aren’t filled in.

Order Attachments

  • Attach documents (e.g. the PDF of a Bill of Lading) that will be sent to Web Access along with your Order.

Map Orders

  • Display the Last Location of all Web Access Orders for you and your customers to view on a map.