Your Trucking Company Payroll Toolkit

Setting Up New Employees

It’s an ongoing task to set up new Payroll Employee records. And each time you have to remember which particular benefits or deductions apply to drivers, salary, and wage employees and make all those entries that you’ve made hundreds of times before.

ST-Taylor-heavyhaulPayroll used to take me all day. Now it takes me an hour. – Sheila Taylor, Taylor Heavy Haul Click For Video

With Axon trucking company payroll software, there’s no need to make these entries on each individual employee record. Instead, you can set up templates for each of your different groups of employees (New Employee Templates). You can have one template for Drivers that includes driver pay and log books and a different template for administrative staff that includes monthly wages and pension plan.

When you set up a new employee, you simply choose the correct template, and the Earnings, Wages, Deductions, and Benefits information from the template will fill in automatically. You can then make any necessary changes or additions.

Updating Employee Payroll Information

You’ve increased the pay rate for overtime or decreased the amount deducted for health care benefits. Do you have to make those changes on every individual employee record? No.

You can use the Update Employee Payroll screen to update the payroll information for recurring employee transactions for some or all of your employees.

Choose the appropriate employee(s) or payroll department(s). Update the Insurable Hours, Pay Rate, or Amount on the recurring employee transactions by either a flat amount or a percentage. Your Employee records will be automatically updated when you choose the Apply button.

Calculating Overtime Hours

How many hours did Cliff Barnes drive last month? Did he have any overtime?

With Axon, it’s easy to review Driver Pay and calculate Overtime on Orders, Trips, Jobs, and Tickets. Simply enter the Driver’s name and the assignment start or end dates on the Calculate Overtime Hours screen. The system will display all the trucking company payroll transactions for this driver along with the total hours worked at both regular and overtime rates. Once you have reviewed the information, you simply hit the Apply button and the Pay screens for transactions that include Overtime Hours will be updated.

Mileage-Based Pay Incentives

Axon Payroll Software For Trucking makes it easier for you to calculate pay incentives (e.g. a safety bonus) based on a rate per mileage.

The Generate Equipment and Driver Transactions screen is a convenient way to obtain a total mileage and to generate the Equipment Statement/Driver Settlement transactions.

You can set up as many different Categories and Rates as you require. The system will apply the rates to the mileage that falls within the date range and/or for the drivers or pieces of equipment that you have specified. The total mileage and the amount to be paid will be calculated automatically.

Place a check mark beside the equipment and driver transactions that you want to generate. They will be added to your other transactions and will be included when you generate your Equipment Statements and Driver Settlements.

DM AC Trucking

I think that the drivers appreciate what Axon does as far as payroll. They get to see a very concise statement that we didn’t have in the past. It shows them exactly what they need to know. If there is ever a discrepancy, the driver’s got the information to be educated enough to come in and say, ‘I need to know what’s going on here,’ instead of just going, ‘I think you messed up.’
Dan Mathis, Operations Manager – AC Trucking Click For Video